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Disease relevance of Neutropenia


Psychiatry related information on Neutropenia


High impact information on Neutropenia


Chemical compound and disease context of Neutropenia

  • Of 550 evaluable episodes of fever and neutropenia, 282 were treated with ceftazidime alone and 268 with the combination [15].
  • Treatment was discontinued in 11 ganciclovir recipients and 1 placebo recipient because of neutropenia (P = 0.003) [16].
  • Lithium carbonate in chemotherapy-induced neutropenia [17].
  • When the patients who actually received the escalated doses of doxorubicin were compared with the patients in the s-BACOP group in whom neutropenia did not develop during the first treatment cycle, no difference between their outcomes was observed [18].
  • The reduced daily dose of zidovudine used in this study was at least as effective as the standard dose and was less toxic; however, with the use of a four-week induction period with a high dose followed by low-dose treatment, severe anemia and neutropenia were common complications of treatment with zidovudine [19].
  • The UGT1A1*28/*28 genotype was associated with an increased risk of neutropenia not only at medium or high doses of irinotecan but also at low doses [20].

Biological context of Neutropenia


Anatomical context of Neutropenia


Gene context of Neutropenia

  • Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (GCSF) is the principal growth factor regulating the maturation, proliferation and differentiation of the precursor cells of neutrophilic granulocytes and is used to treat neutropenia [30].
  • In approximately 20% of cases of severe congenital neutropenia (SCN), mutations are found in the gene encoding the granulocyte colony-stimulating factor receptor (G-CSF-R) [31].
  • Cohen syndrome is an autosomal recessive condition associated with developmental delay, facial dysmorphism, pigmentary retinopathy, and neutropenia [32].
  • In summary, gibbon IL-3 is a growth factor that can synergize with other CSFs to enhance proliferation of myeloid-committed progenitors, suggesting that combinations of CSFs may have clinical utility in patients with neutropenia of various etiologies [33].
  • Recently, we described a case of severe neonatal alloimmune neutropenia (NAIN) caused by an alloantibody against a variant of the CD11b subunit (Mart alloantigen) [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Neutropenia


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