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Chemical Compound Review

CTK4C4465     1-hydroxy-4-nitro-2-sulfooxy- benzene

Synonyms: AR-1E2463, DB01800, AC1L4XH3, AC1Q6XY7, 1pa9, ...
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Disease relevance of para-Nitrocatechol sulfate


High impact information on para-Nitrocatechol sulfate


Biological context of para-Nitrocatechol sulfate

  • Kinetic studies to compare the partially purified ASA from controls to that from a homozygote (PD allele) were carried out using p-nitrocatechol sulfate (p-NCS) as a substrate [7].

Anatomical context of para-Nitrocatechol sulfate


Associations of para-Nitrocatechol sulfate with other chemical compounds


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