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Chemical Compound Review

Lopac-N-7778     7-nitro-1H-indazole

Synonyms: Tocris-0602, PubChem14009, CHEMBL247378, SureCN216995, CCRIS 3309, ...
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High impact information on NSC 72843

  • No significant changes occurred in glomerular filtration rate, effective renal plasma flow, urinary Na excretion, or urine volume because of 7NI [1].
  • However, plasma renin activity decreased significantly in DR and DS rats on low Na intake with 7NI infusion [1].
  • Resting ChBF was reduced and systemic blood pressure was increased after L-NAME administration, but both were unchanged after 7NI or vehicle were administered [2].
  • Evidence is provided that AngII and 7NI modulate thermoregulation primarily via AT(1) and AT(2) receptors, with predominance of AT(2) signaling following LTHA and/or hypohydration, opposing a drop in AT(1)-mediated thresholds [3].
  • 7NI alone caused some increase in levels of dopamine and a decrease in the metabolite DOPAC, which is consistent with it also acting as an inhibitor of monoamine oxidase-B [4].


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