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Gene Review

Maob  -  monoamine oxidase B

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: MAO-B, Monoamine oxidase type B
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Disease relevance of Maob


Psychiatry related information on Maob


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Chemical compound and disease context of Maob


Biological context of Maob


Anatomical context of Maob


Associations of Maob with chemical compounds

  • Possible mechanisms for the release-enhancing effect of the MAO-B inhibitors include elevation in levels of endogenous beta-phenylethylamine, or an inhibition of DA reuptake, which develops only on chronic administration, because both deprenyl and TVP-1012 have only very weak effects on amine uptake in acute experiments [21].
  • Clorgyline inhibited MAO-A by 95%, with 30% inhibition of MAO-B [21].
  • Acute inhibition of monoamine oxidase B (MAO-B) in the rat does not affect striatal dopamine (DA) metabolism, but chronic MAO-B inhibition with deprenyl has been reported to increase the release of striatal DA, as shown using in vitro techniques [21].
  • Chronic treatment with the MAO-B inhibitors reduced striatal MAO-B activity by 90%, with 15% (TVP-1012) or 40% (deprenyl) inhibition of MAO-A [21].
  • Thus, while most of the condensed pyridazines were reversible inhibitors of MAO-B with little or no MAO-A effects, the pyrimidine derivatives proved to be reversible and selective MAO-A inhibitors [16].

Physical interactions of Maob

  • A relatively high density of [3H]RO41-1049 binding to MAO-A enzyme was present in all regions of the rat kidney (160-210 fmol/mg) compared with a low density of [3H]RO19-6327 binding to MAO-B (< 25 fmol/mg) [22].

Regulatory relationships of Maob


Other interactions of Maob

  • A single mutation in which Phe-208 in MAO A was substituted by the corresponding residue of Ile in MAO B was sufficient to convert the A-type substrate selectivity, and the reverse was exactly the case [26].
  • By a double-labeling immunofluorescence method, it was shown that MAOB immunoreactivity was localized in almost all of histidine decarboxylase (HDC)-positive cells [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Maob


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