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Chemical Compound Review

Pyromycin     methyl(1R,2R,4S)-4- [(2S,4S,5S,6S)-4...

Synonyms: Pyrromycin, SPECTRUM201604, CCRIS 2264, BSPBio_001877, KBioGR_001530, ...
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Disease relevance of MA144 T2

  • These studies confirm the greater sensitivity of nucleolar RNA synthesis to Class II anthracyclines in erythroleukemia cells and suggest that inhibition of post-transcriptional events may occur in cells exposed to PYM, MCM, and ACM but at higher concentrations than are required for inhibition of RNA synthesis [1].
  • Since then, he found numerous anthracycline compounds such as rhodomycin-, isorhodomycin- and pyrromycin-types in Streptomyces and elucidated their structures [2].

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