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Chemical Compound Review

AFP-07     (5Z)-5-[(1R,5S,7R,8S)-2,2- difluoro-7...

Synonyms: AFP07, AC1NSK95
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High impact information on AFP-07

  • The possibility that the prostacyclin analogues AFP-07 and cicaprost relax saphenous vein preparations of pig, guinea-pig and rabbit by simultaneously activating prostanoid EP4 and IP (prostacyclin) receptors was investigated using the high-affinity EP4 antagonist GW 627368 [1].
  • For hIP, the order of potency (pEC(50)) for stimulating AC and PLC pathways was similar: AFP-07 (9.3, 8.4)>cicaprost (8.3, 6.9), iloprost (7.9, 6.8)>taprostene (7.4, 6.8)>carbacyclin (6.9, 6.6), PGE(1) (6.6, 5.1) [2].
  • 7,7-Difluoroprostacyclin derivative, AFP-07, a highly selective and potent agonist for the prostacyclin receptor [3].
  • AFP-07 strongly displaced the [3H] iloprost binding to the IP receptor-expressing cell membranes, the half maximal concentration for the displacement being 3 nM, which was one order lower than that of iloprost [3].

Anatomical context of AFP-07


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