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Chemical Compound Review

CHEMBL1301     (4E)-4-[2-[4- (diaminomethylidene)-1...

Synonyms: LS-146801, LS-187313, BRN 2700919, AC1NS4G5, C16H16N4O, ...
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Disease relevance of Oxistilbamidinum

  • These data indicate that chloroquine, hydroxystilbamidine, and dapsone are potent inhibitors of bone resorption which may act by blocking the release of lysosomal enzymes in cells stimulated by PTH or PGE2, but may have a different effect on other cell populations [1].
  • When tested for possible anti-leukemic activity against i.p. L1210 leukemia in syngeneic DBA/2J mice, all the aromatic bis-guanylhydrazones as well as hydroxystilbamidine caused prolongation of survival of tumor-bearing mice [2].

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