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Chemical Compound Review

AC1NUNZZ     5-hydroxy-6-oxo-1,2- dihydroindole-2...

Synonyms: ACMC-20mxcg, 138230-21-4, Quinone methide
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Disease relevance of Quinone methide


High impact information on Quinone methide

  • MAO A partially purified from yeast grown on 8-nor-8-chlororiboflavin exhibited an absorption spectrum indicating the covalent flavin is an 8-nor-8-S-thioflavin, suggesting a nucleophilic displacement mechanism that supports the quinone-methide mechanism previously suggested as a general mechanism for covalent flavin attachment [2].
  • Proliferation of murine lung epithelial-12 cells in vitro after 8 h of treatment with BHT quinone-methide and hyperoxia and 48 h of normoxic recovery was enhanced 2.7-fold compared with vehicle-treated control mice at the same time point [3].
  • A new oleanane-triterpene, 3beta-acetoxy-11alpha-benzoyloxy-13beta-hydroxyolean-12-one (1), was isolated along with a known quinone-methide triterpene, pristimerin (2), from the root bark of Siphonodon celastrineus Griff., a Thai medicinal plant of the family Celastraceae [4].


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