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Chemical Compound Review

NSC-119875     azane; dichloroplatinum

Synonyms: CDDP, DDP-H, AC1NUSPB, PLATINOL (TN), IA call, ...
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High impact information on cisplatin

  • Alkaline elution analysis of cellular DNA demonstrated the presence of concentration- and time-dependent interstrand crosslinks, DNA-protein crosslinks and alkali-labile sites (ALSs) in HeLa cells following a 1 hr exposure to the compounds [1].
  • Mitomycin C (MMC) is a cytotoxic agent that alkylates and crosslinks DNA and also inhibits fibroblast proliferation up to a few weeks [2].
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: Effects of exposure of A2780 cells to SN-38 (2 hours) were studied by assessing DNA/protein crosslinks, DNA damage and cytogenetic aberrations [3].
  • Polyamide 1-Chl conjugate (1-Chl) alkylates and interstrand crosslinks DNA in cell-free systems [4].
  • Mitomycin C, an antitumor drug that alkylates and crosslinks DNA, enhanced the sensitivity of the L929.10 cells to TNF mediated lysis by modulating both of the TNF receptor dependent processes and by doubling the (apparent) rate of cell death (22 to 25%/hr) during the burst phase [5].


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