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Chemical Compound Review

Delprostenate     methyl(2Z,5Z)-7-[(2S)-2- [(E,3S)-4-(3...

Synonyms: Delprostenato, Delprostenatum, CHEMBL2104606, AC1O5IEM, LS-74202, ...
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Disease relevance of Delprostenate


High impact information on Delprostenate

  • On the other hand, the five control cows with luteinized cysts that were not treated with ONO-1052 required significantly longer to exhibit normal estrus (54 +/- 13 days; P<0.05) and to conceive (54 +/- 13 days) [1].

Associations of Delprostenate with other chemical compounds

  • Of the 18 cows with luteinized cysts thus confirmed following fertirelin injection and treated with ONO-1052, 15 (83.3 %) cows came into estrus within 26 +/- 14 (mean +/- SD) days after the first treatment; eight cows within three to five days and four cows within 22 to 28 days, and 14 cows (77.8 %) conceived within 100 days (42 +/- 26 days) [1].
  • A-2774 and SV-626 were the two most sensitive lines, especially when exposed to high concentrations of TNF [2].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Delprostenate

  • Only in the cows with luteinized cysts which were confirmed by serum progesterone analysis; increased from a pretreatment level below 1.0 ng/ml to a value of 1.0 ng/ml or higher 10 to 14 days after treatment, effects of ONO-1052 combined with fertirelin were investigated [1].


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