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Chemical Compound Review

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Disease relevance of BAY Vk 4999

  • Similar morphological alterations are known to develop in wild type E. coli cells when furazlocillin is combined with bulgecin, an antibiotic of unusual glucosaminyl structure [1].
  • The results reveal that PBP-1A and PBP-1Bs functions are not equivalent since furazlocillin affects the morphology, autolysis, and murein synthesis of PBP1A- mutants quite differently from that of PBP-1Bs mutants [2].

High impact information on BAY Vk 4999


Chemical compound and disease context of BAY Vk 4999


Biological context of BAY Vk 4999


Associations of BAY Vk 4999 with other chemical compounds

  • The pharmacokinetics of the novel acylureidopenicillin furazlocillin, 6-[D-2-(3-furfurylidenamino-2-oxo-imidazolidine-1-carboxamido)-2 -(4-hydroxyphenyl)-acetamido]-penicillanic acid and of its penicilloic acid derivative were investigated in five healthy male volunteers after intravenous administration of 2 and 4 g dosages [6].

Gene context of BAY Vk 4999

  • The effect of furazlocillin on the morphology, autolysis, and murein synthesis of E. coli mutants deficient in either PBP-1A, PBP-1Bs, or PBP-2 was studied [2].
  • Potential septation sites that have been structurally blocked by either the SOS division inhibitor, furazlocillin inhibition of PBP3, or inactivation of a TER pathway component, FtsA3, could be reactivated one doubling time after removal of the inhibitory agent in the presence of an active lon gene product [9].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of BAY Vk 4999


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