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Chemical Compound Review

Circulase     butyl7-[(4R,5S)-2- butanoyloxy-4-hydroxy-5...

Synonyms: Ecraprost, SureCN1650052, AC1O5VMW, AS 013, 136892-64-3, ...
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Disease relevance of Circulase


High impact information on Circulase

  • The new finding that RNase T1 acts as an RNA processing enzyme and, in particular, as an RNA 'circulase' can be explained by the unique structural preconditions inherent in the viroid-specific substrate and by the well characterized two-step cleavage mechanism of the enzyme [3].
  • We investigated effects of lipo-pro-prostaglandin E1 (lipo-[11alpha, 13E, 15S]-11,15-dihydroxy-9-[1-oxobutoxy]-prosta-8, 13-dien-1-oic acid butyl ester), AS-013 in two models of hearing disturbance and equilibrium dysfunction induced by rat inner ear microcirculatory thrombosis [2].
  • AS-013 significantly (P<0.05) prolonged time to disappearance of the action potential compared with control group [2].

Anatomical context of Circulase

  • These results suggest that lipo-pro-prostaglandin E1, AS-013 may prevent hearing disturbance and equilibrium dysfunction due to inner ear microcirculatory disorders [2].


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