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Chemical Compound Review

Dimerum acid     (E)-N,5-dihydroxy-N-[3-[5-[3- [hydroxy-[(E)...

Synonyms: AC1O5ZMB, 26912-16-3
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High impact information on Dimerum acid

  • On the basis of ions observed during electrospray mass spectroscopy, five hydroxamate siderophores were tentatively identified: dimerum acid, acetyl dimerum acid, coprogen B, methyl coprogen B, and fusarinine (monomeric) [1].
  • Biocontrol activity against damping-off diseases caused by Pythium ultimum and Rhizoctonia solani was not reduced by the Psy1 disruption, suggesting that iron competition through dimerum acid production does not contribute significantly to disease suppression activity under the conditions used [2].
  • While the trihydroxamates revealed negligible or intermediate iron uptake rates by both plant species, the fungal siderophore mixture and the ammoniacal hydrolysis products of coprogen showed high iron uptake, suggesting that dimerum acid and fusarinines are very efficient iron sources for plants [3].
  • The Fe(III) transport properties of the monohydroxamates, cis-fusarinine (cF) and trans-fusarinine (tF), and the dihydroxamate, dimerum acid (DA), the major siderophores of the fungus, Gliocladium virens ATCC 24290, have been investigated using labeled ferric siderophores [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Dimerum acid


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