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Chemical Compound Review

Triethylfosfat     1-diethoxyphosphoryloxyethane

Synonyms: CPD-3703, NSC-2677, CCRIS 4882, AG-K-71982, ACMC-209pe7, ...
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High impact information on NSC2677

  • The 5'-nucleotides were prepared by direct phosphorylation of the corresponding ribonucleosides with POCl3 and triethyl phosphate [1].
  • Rate constants for the reactions of OH radicals and NO(3) radicals with diethyl methylphosphonate [DEMP, (C(2)H(5)O)(2)P(O)CH(3)], diethyl ethylphosphonate [DEEP, (C(2)H(5)O)(2)P(O)C(2)H(5)], and triethyl phosphate [TEP, (C(2)H(5)O)(3)PO] have been measured at 296 +/- 2 K and atmospheric pressure of air using relative rate methods [2].
  • Molecular modelling of triethyl phosphate in the active site of OpdA confirmed a reduction in the size of the large subsite relative to OPH [3].
  • Flame retardants in the indoor environment -- Part II: release of VOCs (triethylphosphate and halogenated degradation products) from polyurethane [4].
  • The embryos of the sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus are capable of surviving chronic exposure to inorganic sodium phosphate and organic triethyl phosphate concentrations as high as 6 and 1000 mg l(-1) seawater, respectively [5].


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