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Chemical Compound Review

Benzylthiol     phenylmethanethiol

Synonyms: PubChem6835, AGN-PC-0CJC6S, ACMC-1C3L0, CCRIS 9101, B25401_ALDRICH, ...
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High impact information on phenylmethanethiol

  • The PLP analyses were performed in our newly developed apotryptophanase method in which the substrate S-benzyl-L-cysteine is hydrolyzed to benzyl mercaptan, reacted with Ellman's reagent and measured spectrophotometrically [1].
  • To manipulate the interparticle interaction of gold nanoparticles prepared by citrate reduction, we applied the substitutive adsorption of benzyl mercaptan on the particle surface in the absence of the cross-linking effect [2].
  • Fully benzylated protection of the trisaccharide was deprotected under the Birch reduction condition followed by acetylation to give an acetate in which alkene was converted into benzyl sulfide by radical addition of alpha-toluenethiol in high yields [3].
  • The proanthocyanidin polymer fractions of the leaves of the forage legume Dorycnium rectum were analysed by acid catalysis with benzyl mercaptan, NMR and ES-MS [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of phenylmethanethiol


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