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Gene Review

Nba1  -  New Zealand Black autoimmunity 1

Mus musculus

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Disease relevance of Nba1

  • Interestingly, a distal chromosome 4 locus, Nba1, was linked with nephritis but not with any of the autoantibodies measured, suggesting that it contributes to renal disease at a checkpoint distal to autoantibody production [1].
  • Susceptibility to glomerulonephritis was linked to H2 (Chr 17, LOD = 2.37 - 2.70), Swrl-2 (Chr 14, 36 cM, LOD = 2.48 - 2.71), and Nba1 (Chr 4, 75 cM, LOD = 2.15 - 2.23) [2].
  • CONCLUSION: Considering all 3 mapping studies together, lupus in SWR/NZB hybrids appears to be the epistatic end product of several distinct loci, of which 3 SWR-derived loci (Swrl-1, Swrl-2, and Swrl-3) and 5 NZB-derived loci (Nba1, Nba3, Nba4, Nba5, and Lbw4) have been independently confirmed [3].

High impact information on Nba1

  • This locus, designated here as nba-1 (New Zealand Black autoimmunity), lies distal to the locus elp-1, 60-70 centimorgans from the centromere [4].
  • Linkage analysis revealed four dominant SWR susceptibility loci (H2, Swrl-1, Swrl-2, and Swrl-3) and a recessive NZB locus, Nba1 [2].
  • Analysis of NZB x SNF1 backcross mice has recently revealed the existence of four dominant SWR loci (H2 on Chr 17, Swrl-1 on Chr 1, Swrl-2 on Chr 14 and Swrl-3 on Chr 18), and two NZB loci (Nba1 and Lbw2/Sbw2, both on Chr 4) conferring lupus susceptibility [5].


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