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Gene Review

Ril1  -  radiation-induced leukemia sensitivity 1

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Ril-1
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Disease relevance of Ril1


High impact information on Ril1

  • Radiation-induced leukemia-1 (Ril-1) on chromosome 2 plays an overriding influence in susceptibility to the disease [3].
  • Furthermore, it is intriguing that Ril-1 is located in a chromosomal site rich in thymus differentiation-specific loci [3].
  • Akvr-1 has been shown to segregate independently in backcrosses with a variety of retroviral restriction loci, including Fv-1, Fv-2, Ril-1, and Ril-2 [4].
  • A cloned genomic DNA fragment derived from a retroviral site has been used to define a novel locus, Pol-5, that is tightly linked to both H-30 and Ril-1 as shown by analysis of the B6.C-H-30c congenic mouse strain [1].
  • Currently chromosomal "walking" and "hopping" techniques are being used in conjunction with an RFLP molecular probe which is adjacent to Ril-1 [2].


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