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Assignment of the Ly-6--Ril-1--Sis--H-30--Pol-5/Xmmv-72--Ins-3--Krt-1--Int-1 --Gdc-1 region to mouse chromosome 15.

Previous work has demonstrated linkage between Ly-6, H-30, and a locus, Ril-1, that affects susceptibility to radiation-induced leukemia. Results or preliminary linkage analyses suggested further that the cluster might be linked to Ly-11 on the proximal portion of mouse chromosome 2. Using molecular probes to examine somatic cell lines and recombinant inbred and congenic strains of mice, we have re-evaluated these linkage relationships. A cloned genomic DNA fragment derived from a retroviral site has been used to define a novel locus, Pol-5, that is tightly linked to both H-30 and Ril-1 as shown by analysis of the B6.C-H-30c congenic mouse strain. Following the segregation of the Pol-5 mouse-specific DNA fragment in a series of somatic cell hybrids carrying various combinations of mouse chromosomes on a rat or Chinese hamster background mapped Pol-5 to mouse chromosome 15. During the course of these studies, restriction fragment length polymorphisms were defined associated with several loci, including Pol-5, Ly-6, Sis, Ins-3, Krt-1, Int-1, and Gdc-1. Three of these loci, Sis, Int-1, and Gdc-1, have been previously mapped to chromosome 15 by others using somatic cell hybrids or isoenzyme analyses. Following the inheritance of these eight loci in recombinant inbred strains of mice allowed the definition of a linkage group on the chromosome with the order Ly-6--Ril-1--Sis--H-30--Pol-5--Ins-3--Krt-1--Int-1--Gdc-1. Analyses of alleles inherited as passengers in B6.C-H-30c, C3H.B-Ly-6b, and C57BL/6By-Eh/+ congenic mouse strains and in situ hybridization experiments support the above gene order and indicate further that the cluster is located on distal chromosome 15, with Ly-6 and Sis near Eh.[1]


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