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Gene Review

tuf  -  elongation factor Tu

Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2)

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Disease relevance of tuf


High impact information on tuf

  • Analysis of the tuf gene organization in nine producers of kirromycin-type antibiotics revealed that they all contain homologues of tuf1 and sometimes of tuf3 but that tuf2 was found in S. ramocissimus only [2].
  • Besides the tuf1 gene encoding the regular elongation factor EF-Tu1 a gene similar to S. coelicolor tuf3 for a specialized EF-Tu was located in the P. rosea genome [3].
  • However, tuf3 transcription was observed in cultures of S. coelicolor M145 shortly after nutritional shiftdown (which resulted in the disappearance of tuf1 transcripts) and after addition of serine hydroxamate, both of which induce the stringent response [4].
  • A promoterless version of redD preceded by the efficiently used tuf1 ribosome binding site was inserted into two different plasmid vectors, providing a convenient reporter of transcriptional activity in both species [5].

Chemical compound and disease context of tuf


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