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Gene Review

DACH2  -  dachshund family transcription factor 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Dach2, Dachshund homolog 2
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Disease relevance of DACH2

  • The identification of human DACH2 sequences at Xq21 suggests a possible role for this gene in Allan-Herndon syndrome, Miles-Carpenter syndrome, X-linked cleft palate and/or Megalocornea [1].

High impact information on DACH2

  • We identified Dach2 as a Mgn transcriptional repressor whose expression is dramatically reduced in an HDAC-dependent manner in developing aneural myotubes or adult denervated muscle [2].
  • DACH1 plays a role in retinal and pituitary precursor cell proliferation and DACH2 plays a specific role in myogenesis [3].
  • We performed a mutation analysis of POF1B and of another gene previously identified, DACH2, localized approximately 700 kb distal in Xq21, in a cohort of >200 Italian POF patients [4].


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