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Gene Review

eob  -  eyelids open at birth

Mus musculus

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Disease relevance of eob


High impact information on eob

  • Morphogenetic study of the eyelids in NC-eob mice fetuses with an open-eyelid malformation at birth [3].
  • Detailed scanning electron microscopy and light microscopy for study of the eyelid development of NC-eob embryos/fetuses were performed at days 13 to 17 of gestation and compared with normal NC mice, with the aim of investigating the etiopathogenesis of the open eyelids at birth [3].
  • At day 15 the epithelium at the tip of the eyelids had 2 to 3 layers, and clumps of round periderm cells appeared on the outer surface of the margin of the lids in NC and NC-eob embryos [3].
  • The NC-eob mice are mutants having open eyelids at birth with complete penetrance [3].

Biological context of eob

  • No difference was observed between NC and NC-eob embryos by scanning electron microscopy and histologic examination at days 13 and 14 of gestation [3].
  • Viability indices of NC pups during days 0 to 7 of lactation were approximately 95% or more when they were fostered by either NC or eob mothers [2].


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