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Gene Review

gbx1  -  gastrulation brain homeobox 1

Danio rerio

Synonyms: SO:0000704, cb619, fj77a06, wu:fj77a06
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High impact information on gbx1

  • Wnt8 is required for the initial subdivision of the neuroectoderm, including onset of posterior gbx1 expression and establishment of the posterior border of otx2 expression [1].
  • In zebrafish, sequential expression of gbx1 and gbx2 in the anterior hindbrain contributes to this process, whereas in mouse embryos, a single Gbx gene (Gbx2) is responsible for MHB development [2].

Biological context of gbx1


Anatomical context of gbx1

  • We propose that in zebrafish, gbx genes act repeatedly in MHB development, with gbx1 acting during the positioning period of the MHB at gastrula stages, and gbx2 functioning after initial formation of the MHB, from late gastrulation stages onwards [3].

Other interactions of gbx1

  • By contrast, regional definition of the future MHB in the neuroectoderm by complementary expression of otx2 and gbx1, before the establishment of the complex regulatory cascade at the MHB, is normal in spg embryos [4].
  • Moreover, our results provide an example for switching of a specific gene function of gbx1 versus gbx2 between orthologous genes in zebrafish and mammals [3].


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