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Gene Review

SFoVgp6  -  orf-2; N-terminus uncertain

Simian foamy virus

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Disease relevance of SFoVgp6

  • The human foamy virus internal promoter directs the expression of the functional Bel 1 transactivator and Bet protein early after infection [1].
  • This phenomenon is independent of HIV-1 receptor, CD4, and it is not related to PFV-1 Bet protein expression [2].
  • While inhibition of PFV virion infectivity by primate APOBEC3 proteins was largely relieved by coexpression of the PFV Bet protein, a cytoplasmic auxiliary protein of previously uncertain function, Bet failed to relieve inhibition caused by murine APOBEC3 [3].
  • We suggest that inhibition of provirus integration by Bet protein may serve a distinct function in the unique foamy virus replication cycle [4].

High impact information on SFoVgp6


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SFoVgp6

  • In cell cultures, these FFV-FCV vectors efficiently transduced and expressed a hybrid fusion protein consisting of the essential FFV Bet protein and the attached FCV E domains [7].
  • Analysis of HFV expression in Dami-Cl cells, by Northern blot and immunoprecipitation, shows that the most striking difference between cytolytic and persistent HFV infection was the lack of expression of structural viral proteins, in contrast with Bet protein expression, which is maintained [8].


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