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Gene Review

fer-1  -  Protein FER-1

Caenorhabditis elegans

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Disease relevance of fer-1


High impact information on fer-1


Biological context of fer-1

  • We identified the mutations associated with five fer-1 alleles, all of which are missense mutations causing single amino acid changes [6].

Anatomical context of fer-1

  • Mutations in the gene fer-1 cause abnormal spermatozoa in which the MOs do not fuse, although they abut the plasma membrane normally [6].
  • Here we describe the fer-1 gene, which we found to be approximately 8.6 kb in length and to encode a 6.2 kb transcript whose expression is limited to the primary spermatocytes, the cells in which the MOs form. fer-1 is predicted to encode a 235 kDa protein which is highly charged except for a putative transmembrane domain near the C terminus [6].

Associations of fer-1 with chemical compounds

  • Most of the fer-1 mutations fall within these C2 domains, showing that they have distinct, non-redundant functions [5].


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