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Gene Review

elt-1  -  Protein ELT-1

Caenorhabditis elegans

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High impact information on elt-1

  • Depending on their lineage history, cells that become epidermal in wild-type embryos become either neurons or muscle cells in elt-1 mutant embryos [1].
  • In the present paper, we show that either elt-3 or elt-1 is sufficient, when force expressed in early embryonic blastomeres, to activate a program of hypodermal differentiation even in blastomeres that are not hypodermal precursors in wild-type embryos [2].
  • The elt-1 RNAi phenotype shows that seam cells are essential for the structural integrity of adult hermaphrodites in the vulval region and for diametric shrinkage during dauer larval formation [3].
  • Reporter gene studies show that elt-1 expression is maintained in lateral seam cells throughout development and elt-1 RNA interference experiments support an essential role for elt-1 in the differentiation of lateral seam cells in the embryo [3].
  • The Caenorhabditis elegans GATA transcription factor elt-1 has previously been shown to have a central role in the specification of hypodermal (epidermal) cell fates and acts several cell divisions before the birth of hypodermal cells [3].

Biological context of elt-1


Anatomical context of elt-1

  • These results further demonstrated that elt-1 was highly expressed in the germ-line of both sexes [5].

Other interactions of elt-1

  • We suggest that neither the elt-1 protein nor the skn-1 protein interacts directly with the ges-1 gene and that the observed binding proteins must correspond to products of other genes [6].
  • We have found that elt-1 is required for the formation of most, but not all, elt-3-expressing cells [7].


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