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Gene Review

Myt1l  -  myelin transcription factor 1-like

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 2900046C06Rik, 2900093J19Rik, C630034G21Rik, Kiaa1106, MyT1-L, ...
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High impact information on Myt1l

  • In addition, when ISEL+ was combined with in situ hybridization for postmitotic neural gene-1 (png-1; Weiner and Chun [1997] J. Comp. Neurol. 381:130-142), which identifies newly postmitotic neurons, a positive correlation was found between the start of differentiation and the onset of PCD [1].
  • Png-1, a nervous system-specific zinc finger gene, identifies regions containing postmitotic neurons during mammalian embryonic development [2].
  • Png-1 was also detected within two days of neural retinoic acid induction in P19 cells, and expression increased with further neuronal differentiation [2].
  • Recently, the gene encoding this enzyme (Png1p) was identified in yeast and shown to bind to the 26S proteasome through its interaction with a component of the DNA repair system, Rad23p [3].

Biological context of Myt1l


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