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Gene Review

Sema3c  -  sema domain, immunoglobulin domain (Ig),...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 1110036B02Rik, SemE, Sema E, Semae, Semaphorin-3C, ...
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Disease relevance of Sema3c


High impact information on Sema3c

  • Similarly to SemD, the secreted semaphorins SemA and SemE display repulsive properties that are regulated by processing [2].
  • The aberrant development of axonal connections in absence of Pax6 function appear to be related to ultrastructural defects of cells along the PSPB, as well as to a failure of axonal guidance molecule expression, including Sema3c and Sema5a [3].
  • Specific binding sites for Semaphorin D and Semaphorin E were present on cortical fibers both in vitro and in vivo at the time when corticofugal projections are established [4].
  • Attractive effects were only observed when growth cones encountered increasing concentrations or a patterned distribution of Semaphorin E, but not when they are exposed to uniform concentrations of this molecule [4].
  • Strikingly, EphA5 and Sema3c, which encode repulsive guidance cues, were down-regulated in the Ngn2 and Ngn1;Ngn2 mutant germinal zones, providing a possible molecular basis for axonal targeting defects [5].

Biological context of Sema3c


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