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Gene Review

Zan  -  zonadhesin

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Zonadhesin


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High impact information on Zan

  • Zonadhesin was first identified as a sperm-specific protein that bound directly and in a species-specific manner to the zona pellucida surrounding the mammalian egg [1][2].
  • Zonadhesin is a large, mosaic protein comprising multiple cell-adhesion like domains, including MAM, mucin, and tandem VWD domains [2] [3].
  • Characterization of mouse zonadhesin revealed species diversity in the protein's structure [4].
  • Binding activity and ultrastructural localization of zonadhesin support a function in species-specific zona pellucida adhesion during the initial stages of acrosomal exocytosis [5].
  • The mouse zonadhesin gene Zan is flanked by Epo and Ephb4 in a gene-dense isochore on chromosome 5 syntenic to human 7q22 [6].
  • Gene knockout showed zonadhesin mediates zona pellucida adhesion and is essential for species-specificity of the interaction [7].
  • Expression of zonadhesin mRNA is evident only within the testis, and the protein is found exclusively on the apical region of the sperm head [2] [3] [5] [8].
  • The central, high molecular mass region of alpha-tectorin containing the von Willebrand factor type D repeats has homology with zonadhesin, a sperm membrane protein that binds to the zona pellucida [9].
  • Here we analyze the sequence evolution of zonadhesin, a mammalian sperm ligand that binds to the oocyte zona pellucida in a species-specific manner [10].


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