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Gene Review

Sgcb  -  sarcoglycan, beta (dystrophin-associated...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 43 kDa dystrophin-associated glycoprotein, 43DAG, 43kDa, AI747103, AI844814, ...
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Disease relevance of Sgcb


High impact information on Sgcb

  • Further biochemical characterization suggested the presence of a distinct epsilon-sarcoglycan complex in skeletal muscle that was disrupted in Sgcb-null mice [1].
  • We found that beta-SG appears to play an initiating role and its association with delta-SG is essential for the proper localization of the sarcoglycan complex to the cell membrane [3].
  • We have also provided evidence that glycosylation-defective mutations in beta-SG and a common mutation in gamma-SG (C283Y) disrupt sarcoglycan-complex formation [3].
  • In dystrophin deficient cardiac muscle, utrophin and beta-sarcoglycan were observed in intercalated disks and at the sarcolemma of each cardiocyte [4].

Biological context of Sgcb


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