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Gene Review

Vax2  -  ventral anterior homeobox 2

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Ventral anterior homeobox 2, Ventral retina homeodomain protein, Vex
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Disease relevance of Vax2

  • Vax2 homozygous mutant mice display incomplete closure of the optic fissure that leads to eye coloboma [1].

High impact information on Vax2

  • We provide genetic evidence that two closely related, ventrally expressed homeodomain proteins-Vax1 and Vax2-control this neuroepithelial segregation [2].
  • Finally, Vax2 mutant mice exhibit abnormal projections of ventral retinal ganglion cells [1].
  • Mapping of Vax2 between D6Mit3 and D6Mit8 on chromosome 6 indicated a possible linkage with Emx1 [3].

Biological context of Vax2

  • RESULTS: We isolated two new mouse homeobox genes, Vax1 and Vax2, expressed in retina primordium [3].

Anatomical context of Vax2

  • Vax1 may contribute to differentiation of the neuroretina, pigmented epithelium and optic stalk, while Vax2 could function in the establishment of the dorso-ventral axis of the retina and the visual system [3].


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