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Gene Review

VAX2  -  ventral anterior homeobox 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DRES93, Ventral anterior homeobox 2
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High impact information on VAX2

  • We show that subcellular localization of Vax2 is controlled by phosphorylation of a single serine residue, S170, downstream from its homeodomain, and that this modification results in the exclusion of Vax2 from the nucleus [1].
  • The overexpression of either the frog Xvax2 or the human VAX2 in Xenopus embryos leads to an aberrant eye phenotype and, in particular, determines a ventralizing effect on the developing eye [2].
  • Abrogation of Vax1 and Vax2 activity leads to a failure to close the choroid fissure and progressive expansion of retinal tissue into the optic nerve, finally resulting in a fusion of retinal neurons and pigment epithelium with forebrain tissue [3].
  • Finally, we show that Pax2.1 and Vax1/Vax2 are likely to act in parallel downstream of Hh activity and that the bel locus (yet to be cloned) mediates the ability of Hh-, and perhaps Fgf-, signals to induce Vax expression in the preoptic area [3].


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