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Gene Review

FRA16D  -  fragile site, aphidicolin type, common,...

Homo sapiens

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Disease relevance of FRA16D


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Biological context of FRA16D

  • APRT was found to be distal to HP and FRA16D and was localized at 16q24, making the gene order cen-FRA16B-HP-FRA16D-APRT-qter [7].
  • WWOX is a putative tumor suppressor gene that spans approximately a 1 Mb genomic region and is the site for the second most common chromosomal fragile site, FRA16D at 16q23 [8].
  • This led us to the identification and cloning of WWOX, a candidate tumor suppressor gene (TSG) that spans a fragile region of DNA located at 16q23.3-24.1 (FRA16D: the second most active common chromosomal fragile site in the human genome) [9].


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