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Gene Review

rhp57  -  RecA family ATPase Rhp57

Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

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High impact information on rhp57

  • Furthermore, the lethality of a rad60-1 rqh1Delta double mutant was suppressed by the deletion of rhp51 or rhp57 [1].
  • We have found that loss of the HR genes rhp55(+) or rhp57(+), but not rhp51(+) or rhp54(+), suppresses the HU sensitivity of Deltarqh1 cells [2].
  • An rhp57 (RAD57 homolog of S. pombe) deletion strain was more sensitive to MMS, UV, and gamma-rays than the wild-type strain and showed a reduction in the frequency of mitotic homologous recombination [3].
  • Further, we found that Deltasrs2 Deltarqh1 slow growth is related to recombination, as loss of either the rhp51+ or rhp57+ recombination genes improves cell growth in the double mutant [4].


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