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Gene Review

rhp51  -  RecA family recombinase Rhp51

Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

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Disease relevance of rhp51


High impact information on rhp51

  • Rhp55 was required for interchromosomal gene conversion; however, an alternative DSB repair mechanism was used in an rhp55Delta background involving ku70(+) and rhp51(+) [2].
  • Furthermore, the lethality of a rad60-1 rqh1Delta double mutant was suppressed by the deletion of rhp51 or rhp57 [3].
  • The deletion of rhp51 suppressed the aberrant mitosis of rad60-1 cells and caused mitotic arrest [3].
  • The gene that complements the MMS sensitivity of this mutant was cloned and designated rad60. rad60 encodes a protein with 406 amino acids which has the conserved ubiquitin-2 motif found in ubiquitin family proteins. rad60-1 is hypersensitive to UV and gamma rays, epistatic to rhp51, and defective in the repair of DSBs caused by gamma-irradiation [4].
  • The MMS sensitivity was more severe at lower temperature and was suppressed by the presence of a multicopy plasmid bearing the rhp51 gene [5].

Biological context of rhp51


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