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Gene Review

scd1  -  RhoGEF Scd1

Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

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Disease relevance of scd1


High impact information on scd1

  • Studies with the yeast two-hybrid system indicate that scd2 forms complexes with both scd1 and cdc42sp [2].
  • The inhibition of cytokinesis by byr4 overexpression was exacerbated by null alleles of ras1 and scd1, suggesting a link between pathways needed for cell polarity and cytokinesis [3].
  • Like ras1 Delta and scd1 Delta, efc25 Delta is synthetically lethal with a deletion in tea1, a critical element for cell polarity control [4].
  • We showed that klp5 or klp6 inactivation in combination with the scd1 deletion (scd1delta) created a synthetic temperature-dependent growth defect [5].
  • Overexpression of scd1 induced formation of abnormal spindles and chromosome missegregation [1].

Other interactions of scd1

  • Furthermore, biochemical studies indicate that the interaction between scd1 and scd2 is direct [2].


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