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Gene Review

MOB4  -  MOB family member 4, phocein

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: 2C4D, CGI-95, Class II mMOB1, DKFZP564M112, MOB-like protein phocein, ...
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High impact information on PREI3

  • Here we identify a major member of these complexes as class II mMOB1, a mammalian homolog of the yeast protein MOB1, and show that its phosphorylation appears to be regulated by PP2A [1].
  • Yeast MOB1 is critical for cytoskeletal reorganization during cytokinesis and exit from mitosis [1].
  • Strand S0 binds to the core domain in an intramolecular manner across a putative Dbf2 binding site mapped by Mob1 temperature-sensitive alleles and NMR binding experiments [2].
  • Therefore, we suggest a potential in vivo mechanism of LATS1 activation through rapid recruitment to the plasma membrane by hMOB1 followed by multi-site phosphorylation, thereby providing insight into the molecular regulation of the LATS tumour suppressor [3].

Biological context of PREI3

  • In vivo functional analysis demonstrates that Mob1 mutants that target helix H0 or its reciprocal binding site are biologically compromised [2].


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