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Gene Review

psbC  -  PSII 43 kDa protein

Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

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High impact information on psbC

  • The mutation in this strain maps near the middle of the psbC gene and consists of a 6 bp duplication that creates a Ser-Leu repeat at the end of one transmembrane domain [1].
  • In vivo pulse-labeling of chloroplast-encoded proteins and analyses of the expression of chimeric reporter genes in vivo reveal that a mutation of a newly described locus, TBC3, restores translation from the psbC 5' UTR in the absence of either this cis-acting element or the wild-type trans-acting TBC1 function [2].
  • Moreover, a point mutation in the psbC 5' nontranslated leader sequence suppresses this requirement for wild-type F34 function [3].
  • The absence of the RNA-binding activity of this protein in chloroplast extracts of wild-type strains suggests that it is related to the role of the F64-encoded function for psbC mRNA translation [3].
  • At least four polypeptides presented both phosphorylated and unphosphorylated forms (psbC, psbD, and psbH gene products, as well as an unidentified 5-kDa subunit) [4].

Biological context of psbC


Other interactions of psbC

  • Group I introns interrupt the chloroplast psaB and psbC and the mitochondrial rrnL gene in Chlamydomonas [5].
  • While we had concluded that the synthesis of the psbC gene product (P6) was specifically deficient in this mutant, another laboratory has found that the synthesis of the psbA gene product, the herbicide-binding protein D1, was primarily affected [6].


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