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Gene Review

BTG1  -  B-cell translocation gene 1, anti...

Bos taurus

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High impact information on BTG1

  • B-cell translocation gene 4, cullin 1, MCF.2 transforming sequence, a locus similar to snail soma ferritin, and three unidentified genes were, indeed, preferentially expressed in the oocyte, even though most were also highly expressed in testis [1].
  • We analyzed the semen samples by virus isolation on egg yolk-extended semen (VIE test), by virus isolation on fresh semen (VIF test), and by a PCR test on egg yolk-extended semen [2].
  • From 48 to 55 dpi the dexamethasone treatment induced virus reactivation, which was evidenced by an increase in the number of positive VIE, VIF, or PCR tests [2].

Anatomical context of BTG1

  • Of the 162 semen samples that were collected, the VIE test scored 24 positive, the VIF test scored 51 positive, and the PCR test scored 118 positive [2].


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