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Gene Review

Btg1  -  B-cell translocation gene 1, anti...

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Anti-proliferative factor, B-cell translocation gene 1 protein, Protein BTG1
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Disease relevance of Btg1

  • Differential display RT-PCR analysis allowed us to identify the genes that are responsive to oxidative stress during PCM and to characterize the differential role of cysteine on the expression of the fibrinogen B beta chain, BTG1 and THRP genes as a homeostatic adaptive response during protein deficiency [1].

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Biological context of Btg1


Anatomical context of Btg1


Associations of Btg1 with chemical compounds

  • Cysteine was also active in reversing the increase in BTG1 mRNA during PCM [1].
  • BTG1 and 2 have been shown to interact with PRMT1 (predominant cellular arginine N-methyltransferase of type I) [4].


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