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Gene Review

ilvG  -  pseudo

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK3760, JW3740, JW3741, ilvO
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Disease relevance of ilvG

  • Transducing phages excised from these fusion strains with and without the ilvO determinant were compared [1].
  • Physical location of the ilvO determinant in Escherichia coli K-12 deoxyribonucleic acid [2].

High impact information on ilvG

  • The effect of the ilvG671, ilvG468, and ilvG603 mutations (phenotype, IlvG+ Valr; formerly ilvO) upon proteins synthesized was determined by infection of irradiated Escherichia coli K-12 cells, using specifically constructed derivatives of lambda dilv phage [3].
  • This fragment carries a small amount of the promoter-proximal end of ilvE, the ilvO determinant, and apparently the entire ilvG gene, which specifies the valine-insensitive acetohydroxy acid synthase [2].
  • The introduction of an ilvO mutation allowed the ilvG gene of the plasmid to be expressed and imparted valine resistance to strains carrying it [4].
  • In two of the valine-resistant strains, the ilvG mutations were on the rbs side of ilvO, indicating a gene order rbs-ilvG-ilvO-ilvE-ilvD-ilvA-ilvC [5].
  • The expression of the ilvOEDA operon is stimulated 2-fold when the hisT76 mutation is present in strains containing either ilvO- or rho221 mutations [6].

Chemical compound and disease context of ilvG


Biological context of ilvG

  • A plasmid carrying the 4,6-kilobase (kb) HindIII-derived fragment from an ilvO mutant derivative of lambda h80dilv imparted a valine-resistant phenotype on strains it carried [2].
  • The model involves multiple attentuation sites and a possible role for the ilvO locus which lies at the distal end of the ilvEDA operon (but is not part of it) [7].

Other interactions of ilvG

  • Reexamination of the earlier studied ilvO lesion revealed that it, too, lies between ilvE and rbs [5].


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