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Gene Review


Cactus virus X

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Disease relevance of CVXgORF2

  • A modified form of PVX, PVX.GFP-CP which expressed a chimeric gene encoding a fusion between the 27-kDa Aequorea victoria green fluorescent protein and the amino terminus of the 25-kDa PVX coat protein, assembled into virions and moved both locally and systemically [1].
  • Sub-cellular localization of the 25-kDa protein encoded in the triple gene block of potato virus X [2].
  • Therefore, although mutational studies indicate a role for the 25-kDa protein in the cell to cell movement of viral infection it is unlikely to act in precisely the same manner as the other well-characterized movement proteins of tobacco mosaic and cowpea mosaic viruses [2].

High impact information on CVXgORF2


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