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Gene Review

sema3aa  -  sema domain, immunoglobulin domain (Ig),...

Danio rerio

Synonyms: SO:0000704, Sema Z1A, Semaphorin-1A, Semaphorin-3aa, Semaphorin-Z1A, ...
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High impact information on sema3aa

  • To examine this hypothesis directly, expression of sema3a1 and/or nrp1a was manipulated in several ways [1].
  • Expression of sema3a1 in somites and neuropilin 1, which encodes for a component of the Sema3a receptor, in angioblasts suggested that Sema3a1 regulates the pathway of the dorsally migrating angioblasts [2].
  • Zebrafish semaphorin Z1a collapses specific growth cones and alters their pathway in vivo [3].
  • Somitic expression of known vascular guidance factors efnb2a, sema3a1, and sema3a2 is aberrantly patterned in fss and bea mutants, suggesting that the vascular phenotype is due to loss of proper guidance cues provided by these factors [4].

Biological context of sema3aa

  • Induced ubiquitous expression of sema3a1 in hsp70:(gfp)sema3a1(myc) transgenic embryos inhibited migration of angioblasts ventral and lateral to the somites and retarded development of the dorsal aorta, resulting in severely reduced blood circulation [2].

Anatomical context of sema3aa

  • Indeed, nrp1a, which probably encodes a component of the Sema3a1 receptor, is specifically expressed by CaP during the early part of its outgrowth but not during later stages when extending into sema3a1-expressing muscle cells [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of sema3aa


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