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Gene Review

efnb2a  -  ephrin-B2a

Danio rerio

Synonyms: Ephrin-B2a, SO:0000704, efnb2, id:ibd5072
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High impact information on efnb2a

  • The different requirements for vhnf1 and val to repress hoxb1a and ephrin-B2a, respectively, demonstrate that not all aspects of an individual rhombomere's identity are regulated coordinately [1].
  • We show that juxtaposition of ephB4a-expressing cells and ephrin-B2a-expressing cells in the hindbrain leads to boundary formation [2].
  • We propose that Val controls eph expression and that interactions between EphB4a and Ephrin-B2a mediate cell sorting and boundary formation in the segmenting caudal hindbrain [2].
  • Somitic expression of known vascular guidance factors efnb2a, sema3a1, and sema3a2 is aberrantly patterned in fss and bea mutants, suggesting that the vascular phenotype is due to loss of proper guidance cues provided by these factors [3].
  • Furthermore, with an additional deficiency in ephrin-B2a, the segmental defect in itga5 or fn mutant embryos is expanded posteriorly, indicating that both Integrin-Fibronectin and Eph-Ephrin systems function cooperatively in maintaining somite boundaries [4].


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