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Blood Circulation

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  • We propose that these post-translationally modified forms of RBP occur in cells and that after their release into the blood circulation RBP2 is cleared by the kidney in healthy individuals but accumulates in the serum of CRF patients [31].
  • BACKGROUND: Tissue kallikrein regulates blood circulation [32].
  • The data show a selective role of Uncx4.1 in controlling the development of connections of hypothalamic neurons to pituitary elements, allowing central neurons to reach the peripheral blood circulation and to deliver hormones for control of peripheral functions [33].
  • Systemic hemodynamics and regional blood circulation were determined before (baseline) and at 30 min after the injection of each dose of ET-1 or IRL 1620 [34].
  • The importance of the exosome clearance function is highlighted here, since the presence of VLA-4 on reticulocytes often leads to blood circulation complications in some diseases [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Blood Circulation


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