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Gene Review

lmo2  -  LIM domain only 2 (rhombotin-like 1)

Danio rerio

Synonyms: LIM domain only protein 2, LMO-2, Rhombotin-2, SO:0000704, si:dkey-10o6.5, ...
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High impact information on lmo2

  • Co-injection of lmo2 mRNA with scl/tal1 dramatically extends its effect to head, heart, pronephros and pronephric duct mesoderm inducing early blood and endothelial genes all along the anteroposterior axis [1].
  • However, the expression of early hematopoietic genes, gata2 and lmo2, was unaffected, suggesting that hematopoietic cells were present but unable to further differentiate [2].

Biological context of lmo2

  • Using gene expression analysis and visualization of vessel formation in live animals harboring an lmo2 promoter-green fluorescent protein reporter transgene (Tg(lmo2:EGFP)), we show that angioblasts were specified normally in the absence of scl, but later defects in angiogenesis were evident [2].


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