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Gene Review

max  -  myc associated factor X

Danio rerio

Synonyms: Myc-associated factor X, Protein max, SO:0000704, fa92b04, fb52a04, ...
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High impact information on max

  • Zebra fish myc family and max genes: differential expression and oncogenic activity throughout vertebrate evolution [1].
  • A combination of a polymerase chain reaction-based cloning strategy and low-stringency hybridization screening allowed for the isolation of zebra fish c-, N-, and L-myc and max genes; subsequent structural characterization showed a high degree of conservation in regions that encode motifs of known functional significance [1].
  • All shifts in photoreceptor lambda max values resulting from thyroid hormone treatment matched predictions for an A1- to A2-based visual pigment system [2].
  • Cone photoreceptors in fish housed at 28 degrees C (without thyroid hormone treatment) had lambda max values of 361 +/- 3 nm (n = 2) for ultraviolet-, 411 +/- 5 nm (n = 18) for short-, 482 +/- 6 nm (n = 9) for medium-, and 565 +/- 10 nm (n = 14) for long-wavelength sensitive cones [2].
  • Pinopsin with bound 11-cis-retinal shows a blue-light sensitivity (lambda max = 468 nm), and it may play a role in synchronizing the phase of the endogenous circadian oscillator with an environmental dark-light cycle [3].

Associations of max with chemical compounds

  • Thyroid hormone treatment produced smaller shifts of lambda max in other cone types and increased the half-band width [2].


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