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Gene Review

msxb  -  muscle segment homeobox B

Danio rerio

Synonyms: Homeobox protein MSH-B, SO:0000704, msh-B, msh-b, mshB, ...
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High impact information on msxb

  • Further, msxe and msxb are upregulated in hand2 mutant ventral arches [1].
  • However, msxb-expressing blastemal cells immediately distal to this proliferative region did not induce mps1 and were retained in mutants [2].
  • We show that during early regeneration, proliferating blastemal cells express msxb, a homeodomain transcriptional repressor [3].
  • Bromodeoxyuridine pulse-chase experiments show that distal and proximal blastemal cells are formed from proliferating, msxb-positive blastemal cells, not from preexisting slow-cycling cells [3].
  • Inhibition of zebrafish fin regeneration using in vivo electroporation of morpholinos against fgfr1 and msxb [4].

Other interactions of msxb

  • Morpholino oligonucleotides against fgfr1 and msxb were utilized and knock-down of both proteins resulted in reduced fin outgrowth [4].
  • Furthermore, this method provided direct evidence for a functional role for msxb in caudal fin regeneration [4].


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