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Gene Review

msxc  -  muscle segment homeobox C

Danio rerio

Synonyms: Homeobox protein MSH-C, SO:0000704, homeobox, msh-C, msh-c, ...
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Disease relevance of msxc

  • Mutations in the homeobox gene vHnf1 are associated with human diseases MODY5 (maturity-onset diabetes of the young, type V) and familial GCKD (glomerulocystic kidney disease) [1].

High impact information on msxc


Biological context of msxc


Anatomical context of msxc

  • The zebrafish muscle segment homeobox genes msxB, msxC and msxE are expressed in partially overlapping domains in the neural crest and preplacodal ectoderm [11].
  • We conclude that the patterned distribution of different primary motoneuronal types within the zebrafish spinal cord follows the patterned expression of LIM homeobox genes, and that this reflects a highly resolved system of positional information controlling gene transcription [8].
  • Mezzo, a paired-like homeobox protein is an immediate target of Nodal signalling and regulates endoderm specification in zebrafish [12].
  • Zebrafish embryos compromised in Hh signaling exhibit disruption in the expression of the pancreas-specifying homeobox gene pdx-1 and concomitantly show almost complete absence of the endocrine pancreas [13].
  • The homeobox gene Prox 1, which is expressed in the expanded taste buds and cranial neuromasts, is one of the genes involved in the constructive changes in sensory organ development [14].

Regulatory relationships of msxc


Other interactions of msxc

  • We suggest that combinatorial expression of the dlx genes is part of a homeobox gene code specifying pattern formation or cell fate determination in the forebrain, in peripheral structures of the head, and in the fins [16].
  • vsx1 is a homeobox gene encoding a paired-type homeodomain and a CVC domain that was originally cloned from an adult goldfish retinal library [17].
  • We previously reported that, while several ventral cells initially express the zebrafish Islet-1 (Isl-1) gene, a member of the LIM/homeobox gene family, the expression of this gene becomes restricted to a single or a pair of cells slightly anterior to each segment border by 16 hr after fertilization [18].
  • Functional and hierarchical interactions among zebrafish vox/vent homeobox genes [19].
  • A homeobox gene, pnx, is involved in the formation of posterior neurons in zebrafish [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of msxc


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