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Gene Review

Dredd  -  Death related ced-3/Nedd2-like protein

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CASP8_DROME, CG7486, Caspase-8, DCP-2, DCP-2/DREDD, ...
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Disease relevance of Dredd


High impact information on Dredd

  • Dark-induced cell killing is suppressed by caspase-inhibitory peptides and by a dominant-negative mutant Dredd protein, and enhanced by removal of the WD domain [3].
  • We found that Kep1 bound dredd RNA in vitro, and that extracts prepared from kep1 mutant ovaries had markedly reduced proteolytic cleavage activity toward the caspase-8 target substrate IETD-7-amino-4-trifluoromethyl coumarin [4].
  • Epistatic studies indicate that dFADD acts between Imd and Dredd [5].
  • Unlike its mammalian counterparts, however, the apoptotic effect of Eiger does not require the activity of the caspase-8 homolog DREDD, but it completely depends on its ability to activate the JNK pathway [6].
  • The RING-domain-bearing protein Defense repressor 1 (Dnr1), blocks ectopic Dredd-mediated induction of an NF-kappaB reporter in the Drosophila S2 cell line [2].

Biological context of Dredd

  • Dredd, a novel effector of the apoptosis activators reaper, grim, and hid in Drosophila [7].

Regulatory relationships of Dredd


Other interactions of Dredd

  • We also showed that a second gene, defense repressor 1, encodes a product with characteristics of an inhibitor of apoptosis protein that inhibits the Dredd caspase to maintain quiescence of the signaling pathway [1].
  • We observed increased levels of the beta isoform of dredd mRNA in kep1 mutants as compared with wild-type [4].


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