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Gene Review

egr  -  eiger

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: BcDNA:RH51659, CG12919, Dmel\CG12919, Ect1, Egr, ...
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Disease relevance of egr

  • In support of this model, we show that mutations in the fly gene eiger, a TNF homolog, delay the lethality of Salmonella infection [1].

High impact information on egr


Biological context of egr


Associations of egr with chemical compounds

  • Our results illustrate that Eiger and Wengen represent proximal components of an evolutionarily conserved TNF-like signaling pathway in Drosophila [9].
  • Secreted Bacterial Effectors and Host-Produced Eiger/TNF Drive Death in aSalmonella-Infected Fruit Fly [1].

Regulatory relationships of egr

  • Thus, in contrast to morphogenetic processes, such as dorsal closure of the embryo, in which the JNK pathway is activated by the JNKKK Slipper, Eiger uses the dTAB2-dTAK1 module to induce JNK signaling activity [7].

Other interactions of egr

  • In a large-scale screen the Drosophila homolog of TAB2/3 (dTAB2) was identified as an essential component of the Eiger-JNK pathway [7].
  • Unlike its mammalian counterparts, however, the apoptotic effect of Eiger does not require the activity of the caspase-8 homolog DREDD, but it completely depends on its ability to activate the JNK pathway [8].


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